15th Apr 2021

Bike Theft Heatmap Launched by Bikmo

A new stolen bicycle tracking tool has been launched by Cycling Insurer Bikmo and is now available free to the public.

The site consists of heatmaps to indicate reported bike thefts across England and Wales. The data is provided by the publicly available Police database. The new site shows theft hotspots compared to population density displaying thefts per 100,000 people. Cyclists can now view a live table feed indicating where the most and least areas are for bicycle thefts.
Overall the figures for 2020 showed a drop in cycle thefts when compared to previous years even with a large spike in bike sales, with over 74 thousand cycles reported bikes stolen during 2020 in England and Wales and despite statistics indicating a rise in bike thefts at the start of 2020. During 2019 there were over 83,500 bikes reported stolen, this data shows an overall drop of around 11%.

The Bikmo website has been able to show where the worst affected areas are for bike theft are and can then determine where the safest areas are to secure your cycle.
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