4th Apr 2021

£18m investment in Cycle Training

The Government has announced that an investment of £18m will go towards cycle Training for children and families distributed across the country. In an announcement by Grant Shapps the Transport Secretary sets out that the funding which will be managed by The Bikeability Trust charity will deliver practical on-road cycle training.
Many parents might remember taking part in the "Cycling Proficiency" scheme, the new scheme is hoped to expand on this by offering children and families cycle training to boost their confidence.

The Bikeability Trust charity will be assigned to manage the fund and they will use the money on giving practical on-road cycle training, teaching children how to cycle safely on modern roads while families looking to gain confidence cycling together will be offered Bikeability Family training sessions through their local authorities, this can be for weekend riders or for the more active commuting such as taking the children to school.
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